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Silicone Impression Mats / Compression Pads

AccuPad is a major manufacturer of silicone impression mats or compression pads for the belting industry. We produce top end pads for Light Weight and Heavy Weight belt style to enhance the quality of the belt splice.  

Shipping is available in 24 Hours to any location worldwide. All pads are custom made to meet your press specifications. In-house engineering is available for special projects. Here our most requested patterns:

Impression Pad - Type Basket Weave 8005Impression Pad -type Basket Weave 8037Impression Pad -type Basket Weave 8040Impression Pad -type Chevron 1887Impression Pad - Chock Block 8012Impression Pad - Crescend Top 1878Impression Pad -type Fabric 1890Impression Pad - Fish Bone 1888Impression Pad -Inverted PyramidImpression Pad - Longitudinal Rip 1885Impression Pad -type Meat Cleat 1889Impression Pad - Meat Cleat wide 1883Impression Pad -type Nipple Top 1886Impression Pad - Plus Sign 1879Impression Pad - Rough Top 8007Impression Pad - Snake Skin 1884Impression Pad - Snake Skin 1891Impression Pad -type Walnat 1882